Valentine Jewelry

 Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and now is the perfect time to start looking for a gift for the one you love or even yourself if you deserve a treat.

 Couples Doubles Stamped Ring

 This ring is made with silver and is can custom stamped with names and date. There is even a heart design.

 This ring has hearts that are intertwined and can be customized with names and dates of the loving couple. A personalized message can also be added to the ring. This ring can be a nice reminder of the loving relationship.

 Statement of Love Necklace

 This necklace has a date bar and is made from silver and pearls.

 This necklace has a silver stamped bar that can be customized in a number of ways. It can be customized with names, dates, and messages. The rest of the necklace is lined with pearls. This necklace is made from sterling silvers and genuine freshwater pearls. This is a gift that will impress any lady. The necklace comes in two different lengths. It can be 16 inches in length or 18 inches.

 Love Link Bracelet

 This bracelet has a mothers bar with an area for the date and name personalization

 This bracelet is great for a mom and has a heart that is used to represent each member of the family. You can select from one to six hearts and can put a name or word on each of them. This bracelet is made from sterling silver and gold bronze. It will work with just about any outfit.

 Stackable Silver Couple Rings

 These personalized rings are designed to be stacked.

 These rings are simple yet elegant. They are designed to be stacked to represent you and the people that you love. You can select rings with initials on a heart, a cross, and the & symbol. These rings are easy to personalize and they come in silver or gold.

 Eternal Love Bangle

 This bangle is made from sterling and has names for mom.

 Special moments in life can be remembered with the Eternal Love Bracelet. This bracelet can be stamped with wedding days, the day the couple met or anything else that is important. The bracelet is made from sterling silver. It includes a bronze heart that will give it a special touch. This is a great gift for a loved one.

 Forever in Love Necklace

 This necklace has two hearts.

 The necklace has two hearts that are interlinked and there is a place for a stamped nameplate. The necklace can contain names, dates, or words. It can be customized to make it special.

 Amore Necklace

 This necklace is sterling silver and has mother’s initials on it.

 The necklace can be customized with gold and silver charms. It comes in several lengths include 16, 18, 36, 0r 40 inches. This gift can be personalized for the person that is it being given to.

 Crown Ring

 The rings is silver and stamped with initials

 This ring is great for the queen of your heart and is a stackable crown ring. It can be stamped with an initial and the band can be customized with a name, initials, or even words. Birthstones can be added to give this ring a touch of color.

 Floating Hearts Necklace

 Mothers necklace

 This necklace is simple yet beautiful. Birthstones charms can be added for color to each heart for additional personalization.

 Loverly Band

 Stackable silver rings

 This band is simple and sweet. It has four hearts. This ring can be added to rings that a person already wears or it can be worn on its own as an elegant piece.

The best jewelry gift for graduating class

Just in a short time, some of our friends and family members will complete that degree or diploma and proceed onward to the next phase of their lives. Regardless of whether they are graduating from college or secondary school, jewelry gift is ideal as it will make the entire event memorable! With regards here are some of the recommended jewelry gifts


  1. Class of Birthstone Ring Personalized with Name and School


If they didn’t get a class ring (if whether they do), this stylish and great ring can enable them to remember their school time. you can Pick the one that matches with the school and has the band engraved with up to 12 characters, regardless of whether it’s their name, initials or school name. It’s a gift you’ll acknowledge without a doubt!


  1. latitude and longitude bangle with a sterling silver


This stylish and up-to-date bangle is immaculate to remind the graduated class that “I generally have a place at home, we stamp the directions of any address you give us, or you can have it engraved with a name or an end date Possibilities are interminable!


  1. Silver monogram ring with initials


Each lady is certain to love a customized ring with her initials on it! Made of tough sterling silver, this ring can withstand every one of the enterprises it will have later on. This style is likewise accessible with bronze covering.


  1. Silver Birthstone Bar Necklaces


Get your birthstone neckband to remind her how honored she is. If you have altered with your most loved stones, or to make it more important, exhibit each stone as an individual from your family, to keep them generally in the region with 2, 3, 4 or 5 stones separately adjusted and come in gold!


  1. Silver Arrow Necklace


Remind your graduate to take after their bolt and their fantasies wherever they run with this stylish neckband. To customize her significantly more, her birthstone is included.


  1. Silver Stack of Texas Ring


If your graduate is from Texas or goes there, get him some stackable rings to recollect the huge state! Tweak the hues and the letters to sign for UT, TCU, Texas a. M, Texas Tech or whatever another college you need.


  1. Crown, silver stamped ring


Advise her that she will dependably be your little princess with this silver crown ring. Give it a chance to be engraved with their initials s, or include an additional volume with a special message. Make something special that will keep going forever!

Fashion Trends Must Haves and Throw Aways

As someone in their thirty’s or older, you have certainly seen fashion trends come and go.

And while many clothing styles have stood the test of time, it does not necessarily mean that it is something that you should buy.

I mean, I like piano music but I am hardly going to go out a buy a digital piano am I?

This article will show you the 7 must have items for your closet to look your best without breaking your bank. You can create a polished, well-rounded and classic wardrobe for just pennies on the dollar.

So take a look at your must haves and have not’s for the upcoming years to come. And realize that all of those accessories may not be as necessary as you might think.


1)White Button Down Shirt- The white button down shirt is a must have necessity for your closet.

It is classic and one of themost popular items that male shoppers tend to buy. Perhaps the reasoning is that it can be matched with any accessory or any color.

The color of white goes well with anything to leave you looking fresh and sharp all throughout your day.

The white button down shirt can take you from work to an after hours club with the simplest of ease.

2)A Crew Neck T-Shirt – These t-shirts are the simplest way to maximize the clothing that you can wear.

You can buy them in various colors that will compliment your accessories and other wardrobe articles in your closet behing your metal detector kit.

You will want to go for classic colors like white, black, gray and navy blue. Match your Crew Neck T-Shirt up with shorts, hoodies, pants or jeans for a casual look that everyone will envy.

3)Denim Jeans – Every man needs to have a pair of denim jeans in his closet. The denim jeans have been a staple in the fashion world for as long as can be remembered.

Pair your favorite denim jeans with a casual or dress shirt to take you anywhere you want to go for the day.

Remember also, that denim is a neutral material and can comfortably be worn with other materials.

You will need to buy your denim jeans according to your body type, while realizing that a straight cut denim jean usually works well for anyone.

4)Khaki Chinos – The Khaki Chinos is a balance between the casual denim jean and the more formal slacks. Khaki’s are great for a lunch date, going to the movies, a garden or outdoor wedding, meeting in a cafe for coffee, or a night out on the town with a special friend.

The natural color blend of Khaki’s mixes well with a variety of colors for a bold look that will make you the talk of the town.

5)Stylish Leather Wallet or Money Clip

Wherever you go, there must be money that follows. Keep your money safe and stylish by purchasing that sleek and classic look of a leather wallet.

Try and stay away from those wallets that are more inexpensive looking with the velcro attachment. Leather looks classy and will hold your credit cards and money in place.

If the wallet is too bulky, then opt for a money clip that will work well in your pocket while providing a smoother look.

6)A Classy Timepiece – In this day and age of social media and technology, everyone is looking at their cell phone, even for the time.

Take your look to the next level by investing in a classic timeless leather or metal watch.

This adds to your clean, sharp clothing and accessories, while giving you the option of just glaring at your watch and giving the time to that pretty girl who wants to know.

7)White Sneakers – When you have a great pair of white sneakers,then you have all that you need to complete your must have articles of clothing.

The white sneaker can be paired with any form of dress, even some formal.

Take your white sneakers to the bar, on an outing in the park, to casual Fridays at work or anywhere you want to go. Versatile, classic and chic, the white sneakers are great for any occasion.

As you begin to build your wardrobe with your 7 must have clothing articles, keep in mind to redo your closet of clothing by throwing out articles that don’t fit, whether they are too loose or too tight.

Also,remember to throw away clothing that you have had for many years, that are worn out.

Items such as that old broken belt, shoes that are no longer wearable and are broken and any other article which does not fit your new must haves for the trending fashion season.

Jewelry and Fashion in Today’s Era

The advancement in the field of information technology has made the world a global village. Jewelry and fashion in today’s world have also evolved. There was a time haven matching everything was a must, let’s say if you plan to wear a gold bracelet then it was a must to wear a gold necklace with it. So, matching the jewelry was a must. However, today you can wear any jewelry piece without considering the fact that specific piece of jewelry has to match your overall dressing.


Today is all about confidence. It’s like you can wear anything that makes you comfortable and happy and no one is going to raise an eyebrow on it. So, if you feel like wearing a lot of jewelry with casual dressing, or if you feel like wearing minimal jewelry with a very plain dress no one is going to ask any question as long as it makes you comfortable, happy, and feel confident about it.


Unique Necklaces

When it comes to the selection of necklaces, a combination of gold and silver chain is likely to make a great fit. This specific piece of jewelry can be combined with charms to make a unique necklace. The jewelry pieces and specifically the necklaces could be customized depending on your fashion sense and styling.


Customized Bangles

Bangles come in variety of colors and sizes. The best thing about this piece of jewelry is that it is worn on hand and thus, you can see it all the time so if you carve your favorite quote or the name of your loved on the bangle, it is always likely to bring a smile on your face. Bangles make the hands look pretty and they give you a very feminine feel.


Bracelets and Rings

Just like the bangles, the bracelets could be customized and the name of your child, your spouse, or your favorite quote could be carved on it. Rings as everyone know are very special piece of jewelry. Trinity rings are very common which are a combination of white gold mixed with rose gold and a 14k gold. There is again the option to make it personalized based on the choice and styling of the one buying it. Bracelets and rings could be given as gifts to others. These are the perfect jewelry pieces.


Fashion and Confidence

Keeping in view the era of modernization and the extent to which the world has advanced, it is clear that confidence matters. You can wear anything that you desire and become a part of this fashionable world. It is actually good since you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to look common in the crowd as now you can be unique by inventing your own style. Sometimes the fashion and style created by you is so unique that people want to follow you. You can design and create your own jewelry and can be so famous that you might end up starting your own business. In short, fashion is based on your confidence level and how well you carry it.