New Custom Jeweley For Mothersday

Personalized Triple Banded Mothers Ring

Forged from sterling silver, this ring is a simple classic that is perfect for everyday use. Can be customized to include one name on each band. Alternatively, a name can be placed on two bands and the third can say BLESSED, LOVE, or FAMILY


  1. Personalized Double Banded Mothers Ring

Similar to the Triple Banded Mothers Ring, this beautiful piece of silver jewelry is perfect for a mom to wear every day. A name can be placed on each ring or one could have a date. Quality jewelry for any new mother or mother of two.


  1. Initial and Birthstone Stackable Rings for Mothers and Grandmothers

Represent each child with initials and birthstones. The stack can be enhanced by adding a heart, cross, or ampersand. Swarovski crystals highlight these beautiful silver rings. These are perfect for the customer who wants some variety in their jewelry.


  1. “Blessed” Bar Necklace with Birthstones

Perfect jewelry for mom to showcase each of her little blessings with birthstones and sterling silver. The back of the bar is cast with the word “Blessed” and front can have 2-6 Swarovski crystals added. This is a great piece of jewelry at a great price!


  1. Bangle Bracelets with Name for Mothers

These bracelets can be allowed to oxidize, offering a beautiful rustic look. They can also be kept so clean that the bronze looks like gold. Keep your loved ones close with this fabulous piece of jewelry!


  1. Mothers Bracelets with 3, 6, or 9 Names

Good everyday jewelry in sturdy sterling silver. These bracelets are intertwined much like our rings and names can be printed all the way around. 9 names can fit on 3 intertwined bands.


  1. Family Bangle Bracelet for Mom or Grandma

A single silver bangle with all the kids’ names. A handmade look with good linework that looks ready to be worn. 7 names will fit and a sweet saying, last name, or date can be stamped inside.

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