Fashion Trends Must Haves and Throw Aways

As someone in their thirty’s or older, you have certainly seen fashion trends come and go.

And while many clothing styles have stood the test of time, it does not necessarily mean that it is something that you should buy.

I mean, I like piano music but I am hardly going to go out a buy a digital piano am I?

This article will show you the 7 must have items for your closet to look your best without breaking your bank. You can create a polished, well-rounded and classic wardrobe for just pennies on the dollar.

So take a look at your must haves and have not’s for the upcoming years to come. And realize that all of those accessories may not be as necessary as you might think.


1)White Button Down Shirt- The white button down shirt is a must have necessity for your closet.

It is classic and one of themost popular items that male shoppers tend to buy. Perhaps the reasoning is that it can be matched with any accessory or any color.

The color of white goes well with anything to leave you looking fresh and sharp all throughout your day.

The white button down shirt can take you from work to an after hours club with the simplest of ease.

2)A Crew Neck T-Shirt – These t-shirts are the simplest way to maximize the clothing that you can wear.

You can buy them in various colors that will compliment your accessories and other wardrobe articles in your closet behing your metal detector kit.

You will want to go for classic colors like white, black, gray and navy blue. Match your Crew Neck T-Shirt up with shorts, hoodies, pants or jeans for a casual look that everyone will envy.

3)Denim Jeans – Every man needs to have a pair of denim jeans in his closet. The denim jeans have been a staple in the fashion world for as long as can be remembered.

Pair your favorite denim jeans with a casual or dress shirt to take you anywhere you want to go for the day.

Remember also, that denim is a neutral material and can comfortably be worn with other materials.

You will need to buy your denim jeans according to your body type, while realizing that a straight cut denim jean usually works well for anyone.

4)Khaki Chinos – The Khaki Chinos is a balance between the casual denim jean and the more formal slacks. Khaki’s are great for a lunch date, going to the movies, a garden or outdoor wedding, meeting in a cafe for coffee, or a night out on the town with a special friend.

The natural color blend of Khaki’s mixes well with a variety of colors for a bold look that will make you the talk of the town.

5)Stylish Leather Wallet or Money Clip

Wherever you go, there must be money that follows. Keep your money safe and stylish by purchasing that sleek and classic look of a leather wallet.

Try and stay away from those wallets that are more inexpensive looking with the velcro attachment. Leather looks classy and will hold your credit cards and money in place.

If the wallet is too bulky, then opt for a money clip that will work well in your pocket while providing a smoother look.

6)A Classy Timepiece – In this day and age of social media and technology, everyone is looking at their cell phone, even for the time.

Take your look to the next level by investing in a classic timeless leather or metal watch.

This adds to your clean, sharp clothing and accessories, while giving you the option of just glaring at your watch and giving the time to that pretty girl who wants to know.

7)White Sneakers – When you have a great pair of white sneakers,then you have all that you need to complete your must have articles of clothing.

The white sneaker can be paired with any form of dress, even some formal.

Take your white sneakers to the bar, on an outing in the park, to casual Fridays at work or anywhere you want to go. Versatile, classic and chic, the white sneakers are great for any occasion.

As you begin to build your wardrobe with your 7 must have clothing articles, keep in mind to redo your closet of clothing by throwing out articles that don’t fit, whether they are too loose or too tight.

Also,remember to throw away clothing that you have had for many years, that are worn out.

Items such as that old broken belt, shoes that are no longer wearable and are broken and any other article which does not fit your new must haves for the trending fashion season.

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