Welcome to Satokosorigami, we love fashion and create custom jewellery if you would like to get in contact with us to create your own custom piece then see our contact us page.


We have experts from both the fashion and smithing industries and we have combines our talents in order to make the finest quality custom made jewellery made to order, we also take ur fashion and beauty game seriously and with the fashion expertise we have accumulated we like to keep people up to date with our findings on different products and accessories to make sure no matter what the conditions your outfit is always popping and both your skin and hair look there best.


Why You Should Acquire Our New Gold Jewelry

A gorgeous outfit without a perfectly selected pair of accessories is like hands without gloves without its ornaments; beautiful but oddly naked. Most designers and stylists know that carefully selected accessories can make, or break an outfit. However, while excellently coordinated accouterments can bring out an outstanding look, clashing and carelessly selected pieces can distract …

Valentine Jewelry

 Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and now is the perfect time to start looking for a gift for the one you love or even yourself if you deserve a treat.  Couples Doubles Stamped Ring  This ring is made with silver and is can custom stamped with names and date. There is even a heart design. …

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